Monday, 10 August 2009

Welcome to the Food Town Initiative Blog site in conjunction with the Food Town's web site

The initiative would like to use this opportunity to communicate with Businesses, Community Groups and Town Folk concerning Castle Douglas and how the town is branded as a Food Town.

Please feel free to make suggestions or comments on how you feel this wonderful town of ours, with it's Independent shops and Unique Shopping Experience, could be improved to help create that special visitor experience. This is very important for the economic stability to the Town as it needs visitor income all year round.

The image above is one of the activities organised by the Initiative in 2009 when we held, in Partnership with schools, a Local & Healthy Food Menu to be created and cooked by young pupils from Primary and the first year High School. A newsletter will also be available to view on our web site that highlights some of the activities the Initiative has been involved in during 2009 so far.

Hope to receive many interesting items from you all.


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